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B Series Articulated Trucks

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B Series Articulated Trucks

New Cat® B Series
Articulated Trucks

What's more important when you're moving material over the toughest terrain? Wait, you already told us: Superior traction control. Smooth, fast shifting. A stable, safe ride. So we built it.

  • Unparalleled traction control.
  • Smooth, fast shifting.
  • Enhanced operator environment.
  • Proven suspension.
  • Easy operation.
  • Durable and reliable.

Unparalleled Traction Control

ATC: Standard Feature

Caterpillar offers unique, proportional Automatic Traction Control (ATC) that automatically adjusts the inter- and cross-axle differential locks. The result? Unparalleled traction at your toughest jobsites.

  • Eliminates operator intervention, making it safer to drive
  • Monitors wheel slip and instantly adjusts each wheel to optimise traction
  • Reduces tire and driveline abuse

Smooth, Fast Shifting

Upgraded Transmission

The upgraded transmission delivers smoother gear changes and maintains torque through each shift, resulting in improved acceleration, especially on grades.

  • Electronic clutch pressure control results in smoother shifts between gears
  • Shift control logic selects optimal gear for maximum acceleration
  • Part throttle shifting helps reduce fuel consumption

Enhanced Operator Environment

Enhanced Cab

Cat® B Series trucks are designed around the operator. To maximise productivity, the operator station offers:

  • Fully adjustable seat increases operator comfort
  • Floor-mounted throttle pedal reduces operator fatigue
  • Colour display reports machine and component status and incorporates a live feed from the rearview camera
  • Grab handles give added stability over tough terrain

Proven Suspension

Stable, Smooth Ride

All B Series models incorporate our industry-leading suspension.

  • Provides a smooth ride for the operator
  • Protects the truck from adverse jobsite conditions by absorbing shock loads
  • Features true off-highway front suspension, allowing the operator to travel at speed over tough terrain
  • Incorporates large-bore, long-stroke cylinders to absorb shock and extend truck life

Easy Operation

Be Productive Faster

The B Series Articulated Trucks were designed for even easier, automotive-style driving.

  • Automatic Traction Control eliminates operator intervention, making it easier to drive
  • New Transmission Control guarantees seamless, easy gear shifting
  • Updated cab display relays information in a multi-page format and incorporates a rearview camera screen for safer reversing

Durable and Reliable

Maximise Uptime

For years, Cat® articulated trucks have set the standard for durability. Our new B Series trucks are built to deliver even more. More reliability. More cycles. More profit. They're loaded with features to maximise uptime, including:

  • Reliable powertrain and drivetrain systems
  • Increase in net power and torque
  • Solid, integrated front bumper for superior durability

Unique Ejector Model

"On-the-Go" Ejection

Only Caterpillar offers an articulated truck with a factory-installed material ejection system. The 740B EJ is a highly productive, safety oriented machine.

  • Operates in height restricted areas where a traditional tipper cannot
  • Remains highly stable at speed while spreading a load on-the-go
  • Saves money by eliminating the need for additional spreading equipment

Delivering More. All Day. Every Day.

The next generation of Cat® articulated trucks—the 725B, 740B and 740B EJ—are built to deliver more. More versatility. More cycles. More profit. They’re loaded with new features and enhancements that maximise your jobsite productivity:

  • True, proportional, fully Automatic Traction Control (ATC) improves ease of operation
  • Proven suspension system provides unparalleled ride quality
  • Improved transmission control enhances fuel economy and reduces cycle times
  • Innovative cab enhancements improve operator environment

Customers Wanted More. We Delivered.

Caterpillar was aggressive in gathering customer input before we began designing the next generation of Cat articulated trucks. We realised there was a real opportunity to build on the solid foundation of the 700 Family models, while still taking a fresh view for the new models. Overall, customer input affected our design for the B Series for the better—inside and out.

More Traction

When you're hauling heavy payloads up steep grades and over wet, slippery ground, you need a truck that won’t lose traction. Caterpillar’s unique Automatic Traction Control (ATC) system as standard on the B Series trucks provides fully automatic control of the inter-axle and cross-axle differential locks. The new system:

  • Eliminates operator interaction, including the manual switches on the floor and dash
  • Monitors both machine and wheel speeds. If wheel spin is detected, the system instantly adjusts each wheel to optimise traction.
  • Reduces tire and driveline abuse caused by improper manual operation
  • Increases productivity and reduces cycle times

Upgraded Transmission

The B Series has upgraded its transmission to incorporate Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC). The ECPC transmission features shift torque management as well as improved shift control logic with part throttle shifting. Together, these technologies ensure transmission shifts on B Series articulated trucks are:

  • Smoother while maintaining torque throughout each gear change
  • Quicker because the optimal gear is selected for maximum acceleration and downshifts occur promptly when needed
  • Faster, especially on grades

More Cab Comfort and Safety

The B Series operator station delivers new levels of comfort and ease of use. Incorporating these new features makes the operation of the truck safer and easier.

  • Floor-mounted throttle pedal replaces the suspended pedal design for reduced operator fatigue and greater machine control
  • Operator’s seat offers new levels of adjustment, increasing operator comfort
  • Colour Multi-Purpose Display offers a menu-driven monitoring system and doubles as the rearview camera display
  • Panel containing switches for the electric mirrors, high-intensity discharge (HID) work lights and manual regeneration are easily accessed on the front headliner
  • Grab handles for the operator and passenger improve personal stability while traveling over tough terrain

Reliable, Powerful Engine

The new B Series articulated trucks are powered by C15 ACERT™ technology engines. The engines boast greater net power and maximum torque.

  • Emissions-compliant engines updated to meet Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB regulations
  • Net power output of 447 hp/333 kW for the 735B and 484 hp/361 kW for the 740B and 740B EJ
  • Redesigned turbocharger provides more consistent boost pressure over a wide range of engine operating speeds

“On-the-Go” Regeneration

To maintain high productivity, B Series articulated trucks feature an engine exhaust aftertreatment automatic regeneration system. When in automatic mode, there’s no need for your operators to stop working to regenerate the engine. That means you can keep running loads for greater jobsite productivity—and profitability. There are also “idle” and “manual override” modes that enable the operator to adapt the regeneration process to meet the needs of the specific jobsite.

More Safety Features

B Series trucks are loaded with new features that enhance operator and worksite safety and increase productivity.

  • Cab interior operator and passenger grab handles
  • Customisable information display screen incorporating the rearview camera display
  • Improved lighting, including optional high-level, high-intensity lights
  • External cab grab rail for easier window cleaning

More Ways to Be Productive: 740B Ejector Model

Only Caterpillar offers an articulated truck with a factory-installed material ejection system. The 740B EJ is a highly productive machine perfect for many applications.

  • Ejects material “on-the-go” to achieve faster cycle times
  • Eliminates the body hoist feature, reducing the risk of machine turnover
  • Operates in height-restricted areas where a traditional tipper cannot
  • Remains highly stable at speed while spreading a load
  • Saves money by eliminating the need for additional spreading equipment
  • Ensure jobsite versatility by ejecting on side slopes, grades and statically in the same manner as a traditional tipper
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