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Cat® Product Link™ remote monitoring helps you take the guesswork out of asset management. Using telematics you know where your equipment is, what it's doing and how it's performing, you can maximize efficiency, increase productivity and lower operating costs.

Let your Cat dealer help you improve your bottom-line results by using Cat fleet management telematics information.

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Cat® Product Link™
At a Glance.

Product Link's easy-to-use fleet management telematics web application, VisionLink simplifies fleet and asset management tasks. Customizable icons help you quickly identify the assets you are looking for. Intuitive menus and commands help you organize assets so you can quickly get the information you need. See your entire fleet or any group of assets you choose at a glance. VisionLink helps you make timely, well-informed fleet and asset management decisions.

Product Link's easy-to-use fleet management telematics web application, VisionLink simplifies fleet and asset management tasks.

User-Friendly Fleet Management Interface

With its easy-access information, Product Link™ is a must-have asset management solution for managing your equipment at the lowest total cost.

Just a few clicks in the VisionLink™ application, powered by Trimble, and you have access to telematics data from Product Link about your equipment's performance and condition.

Asset Management navigation is clearly labeled and organized in a way that makes accessing your telematics data quick and easy. Icons simplify how you can find and track all of your equipment at-a-glance.

You can see where each and every asset is working — plus, you can customize alerts, so whatever needs your attention, gets it.

Working as a team, you, your Cat® dealer and telematics can plan the most effective ways to implement fleet management and improve the utilization, efficiency and productivity of your operation.

Click on any asset that needs attention and Product Link™ will help you find its precise location. Google maps with street, satellite and hybrid views enable you to clearly track asset movements over time. GPS 'trails' can provide valuable clues about asset utilization and where to place site boundaries. Clicking on an asset's 'flag' provides an instant update on its location and status. Satellite views help people on the ground find assets quickly using easily identified visual landmarks.

Click on any asset that needs attention and Product Link will help you find its precise location.

Robust Mapping Features

A few quick clicks, and you'll see the location of your equipment in real-time, on easy-to-use maps with GPS coordinates.

Google mapping functionality is integrated into the application interface. Use it to choose from street, satellite and hybrid views. Satellite views are particularly helpful for sites located in rural areas.

You can also see a GPS "trail" that shows where a particular piece of equipment has been over time. This gives you a good look at how asset management is working at a single site.

Mapping can also give you insight into equipment utilization and where site boundaries should be placed.

Set up a group of assets and you can easily see how the entire group is performing. Calendar functions enable you to see when assets are working to help you reallocate equipment for maximum utilization. Easily compare expected utilization hours to actual working hours. Near real-time updates keep you informed about the current working status of every asset in your fleet. Customizable alerts, color coded by severity, show you exactly which assets most need attention.

Set up a group of assets and you can easily see how the entire group is performing.

Enhanced Fleet Management Views and Tools

Quickly get the asset management information you need, and not the telematics data you don't.

The remote monitoring web-based application helps you set up the information collected via Product Link™ in a way that makes the most sense to you.

Data views help you manage equipment condition, location and utilization.


You can control your operating costs better when you know:

  • Idle time, hours fuel usage, location, events, machine movement over time
  • Immediately about condition alerts via email or text
  • Maintenance is required and can proactively manage needs based on equipment condition


You get the most out of every piece of your equipment every day when you can:

  • See all of your equipment in relation to each other without driving anywhere
  • Set site boundaries for assets, so they cannot be moved without your knowledge
  • Assess efficiency and reallocate equipment

For example, you can look at all the assets on a single job site, or only the wheel loaders in your fleet. Plus, you can easily "zoom in" on a single piece of equipment to check its fuel level, working time vs. idle time, active alerts and more.

Equipment icons help you quickly pick out the type of equipment you're looking for, and specific assets can be identified by serial number or by your asset ID.

 With VisionLink™, setting boundaries for even the most irregularly shaped job site is easy.  Drawing site boundaries is as easy as clicking on the map and following the site outline.  Satellite views allow you to see the entire site and draw it's boundaries right on the satellite image.  Site boundaries can be as small or as large as needed to help you accomplish your management goals.

With VisionLink, setting boundaries for even the most irregularly shaped job site is easy.

Improved Site Boundaries

A good, tight site boundary keeps equipment in the areas you specify, so if an asset goes where it shouldn't, you can be alerted immediately.

Setting job site boundaries is as easy as clicking on a map. Using the hybrid map view, which combines the street map and satellite views, you can quickly create a boundary outline that closely follows roads and terrain features.

You can even divide a job site in several zones to monitor asset movement within the site.

VisionLink's Dashboard screen provides vital fuel, alert status and utilization data for seamless asset management. You can quickly move to utilization comparisons for every piece of equipment in a work group. The Dashboard also enables you to click through for more detail on an individual asset's alert history.

VisionLink's Dashboard screen provides vital fuel, alert status and utilization data for each asset.

Intuitive Asset Management Dashboard

With accurate, up-to-date asset management information shown in an easy-to-read dashboard, you can manage fuel consumption and asset utilization more easily and precisely than ever before.

The dashboard screen shows information for all your assets with important operating data, such as the current fuel level, you can route fuel trucks for maximum efficiency — without being on site.

You can also see total fuel usage for each piece of equipment, so you can monitor overall fuel consumption day-to-day. A "Working Time vs. Idle Time" bar graph gives you an instant comparison of how much time an asset is working versus idling.

Step 1: Assign the alert to the appropriate asset or assets. Step 2: Choose the type of alert you want to set up. Step 3: Choose the days and times you'd like the alert to be active. Step 4: Enter the cell phone or text addresses that need to receive the alerts when they occur.

Step 1: Assign the alert to the appropriate asset or assets.

Customizable User Alerts

Get the fleet management telematics information you want, when you want it — then distribute it to the people who can take action. It's one way to rapidly improve fleet efficiency, boost performance and control operating costs.

VisionLink™ generates a wide range of alerts, including fault codes that warn you about equipment issues, such as high coolant or oil temperatures, fuel filter bypass and more, as well as operator-generated alerts that might indicate a need for additional training, such as coasting in neutral or recurring overspeed events.

To avoid sending too much information at once, you can set the hours during which a particular alert can be sent, for example, nights and weekends only for Site Exit alerts. Plus, you decide how you receive the message — email, text or both.

Best of all, customizing alerts is simple, with just a few clicks.

VisionLink™ allows easy 'click through' connections to Cat online services for troubleshooting and more. You can also directly access PartStore for quick, convenient online parts ordering. VisionLink can receive S•O•S fluid sampling reports and provide appropriate alerts.

VisionLink allows easy 'click through' connections to Cat online services for troubleshooting and more.

Connect to Online Remote Monitoring Services

With the telematics information from Cat® Product Link™ you can see what maintenance work needs to be done and optimize service intervals. Efficiency gains in service and maintenance can reduce owning and operating costs.

The web application also makes online parts ordering easier than ever, with a direct click though to Cat® PartStore™. It then automatically populates your parts list, saving the time and effort of looking up and entering parts numbers for routine orders.

And you can catch small problems before they grow into bigger ones by receiving Cat S•O•SSM Services results and reports. Repair before a failure reduces downtime, and saves on parts and service costs.

Product Link connectivity hardware is rugged, compact and reliable. Cellular antenna options unobtrusive and can be placed where they will be out of the way. Satellite or cellular connectivity provides more complete coverage for all kinds of urban, suburban and rural job sites. Device configuration is quick, easy and intuitive with VisionLink™.

Product Link connectivity hardware is rugged, compact and reliable.

Cellular or Satellite Communications Remote Monitoring

You want access to equipment information whenever and wherever it's working.

Cat® Product Link™ lets you choose the remote monitoring solution that's best for your operation — satellite or cellular connectivity.

Together, they provide more complete coverage for all kinds of sites — including those in metro and suburban locations with good cell phone reception, as well as those in isolated rural locations that might only offer satellite.

Timely alerts and status updates can be sent to any email or text address. Asset locations and current status are regularly updated on the maps. Daily status histories for asset groups are easy to create and to read You can quickly 'zoom in' on the daily status screen to see minute-by-minute operational histories.

Timely alerts and status updates can be sent to any email or text address.

Real-Time Telematics Updates

Maximize uptime — one of the biggest concerns in your day-to-day operations. The more you know, the better you can manage. Cat® Product Link™ enables the most effective equipment management by delivering up-to-the-minute telematics information about your assets, 24 hours a day, every day.

Alerts, scheduled reporting and scheduled updates will keep you informed about the current condition of your equipment, so you can focus on making it work together more profitably.



You Have Questions,
We Have Answers.


What is Product Link™?

Product Link is a remote monitoring solution that enables efficient and effective fleet management.

Product Link transmits the information via cell and satellite, and its corresponding web-based application, VisionLink™, powered by Trimble, enables customized condition and utilization reports, enhanced mapping functionality and mixed-fleet capabilities.

Product Link hardware and VisionLink application subscription come standard on a variety of equipment, and can be used with Cat® and mixed fleets. Consult your Cat dealer for details.


How does Product Link work?

Cat® Product Link™ hardware is deeply integrated into equipment, interacting with the electronic control modules that power and monitor systems, such as engine, hydraulic and transmission.

Events and diagnostic codes as well as hours, fuel, idle time and more are sent via satellite or cellular communications to a secure web-based application, VisionLink™.

Product Link's reliable hardware, robust integration and flexible reporting options enable equipment management anywhere, anytime.


What is VisionLink™?

VisionLink allows you to quickly and easily view all of your equipment, regardless of make, in a secure web-based application hosted by Trimble.

Information from your Cat equipment allows insight into the operation, health and productivity of your fleet. Your Cat engine will provide working and idle hours, fuel consumption, start and stop times and more while event and diagnostic codes are provided from a variety of electronically controlled systems.

VisionLink also allows additional features for Cat equipment through integration to other Caterpillar data and applications. Cat® PartStore™ for online parts ordering and S•O•SSM Services for fluid analysis results complement VisionLink features to facilitate comprehensive equipment management.


What about solutions for my mixed fleet of equipment?

Cat Product Link is as much a part of the modern Cat machine as the engine or transmission. However, this expanded capability is extended to the entire fleet, regardless of make or model, allowing all equipment to be monitored in one secure web-based application-eliminating the need to visit different applications with varying functionality.

The VisionLink™ application has been developed by VirtualSite Solutions, a Caterpillar and Trimble joint venture company. VirtualSite Solutions is responsible for developing solutions to transform the way owners of mixed fleets can efficiently and safely manage their equipment fleets, reduce operating costs and improve productivity in the areas of fuel consumption, maintenance, worksite productivity and fleet logistics.

With the VisionLink application, owners of equipment from any manufacturer can use solutions available from Caterpillar's technology partner, Trimble.


Is Product Link™ factory installed on all Cat® equipment?

Product Link hardware and VisionLink™ application subscription come standard on a variety of equipment, and can be used with Cat® and mixed fleets. Consult your Cat dealer for details.


What steps do we need to take to activate Product Link on a piece of equipment?

Your Cat dealer can activate your factory-installed Product Link module upon delivery. Activation of your Product Link module can also be completed with over-the-air commands that eliminate the need for a service visit.


Can older equipment be retrofit with Product Link™?

Older machines and other equipment can be retrofit with Product Link. Typically, machines manufactured within the past 10 years have electronically controlled systems that enable use of a broader collection of Product Link features.

Consult your Cat® dealer for more information about your options.

Similar solutions are available for other makes of equipment or Cat machines with mechanical systems.


Is Product Link durable and reliable in the conditions where Cat equipment operates?

Product Link hardware is designed for Cat equipment. Cat durability and reliability standards ensure optimal operation in tough operating conditions. Cat hardware is designed to adhere to rigorous standards for temperature (thermal), voltage (surge), electromagnetic, humidity and vibration (shock) and is sealed and pressure tested to protect against moisture entry.


What's the difference between cellular and satellite coverage?

Keep in touch with your equipment regardless of where it works. Hardware options support communication via cellular networks for metropolitan or suburban areas or low-earth-orbiting satellites for rural or isolated job sites where cellular coverage is not available.


What is the warranty for Product Link?

Product Link is included in your standard and extended warranties when installed from the factory. Retrofit installations include a limited warranty. Consult with your Cat dealer for more information regarding warranties.


How do I access the telematics data from Product Link™?

Your Cat® dealer can provide access to VisionLink™, the web-based application used to access telematics information from your equipment. Visit your dealer's web page to request access to VisionLink and other online tools, such as Cat® PartStore™ and S•O•SSM Services online.


Can I integrate the information from VisionLink™ into my other business systems?

A data feed service allows you to seamlessly integrate information that is remotely reported from your equipment into your business applications.

For example, machine location can easily be used in a dispatching application or hours and utilization information into a resource planning system (ERP).

Contact your Cat® dealer for more information about VisionLink integration.


What languages are supported?

VisionLink™ supports:
Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.


What are the advantages of a web-based application?

VisionLink is a secure web-based application available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. VisionLink does not require client-side software or data storage. A common internet connection and web browser are all that is needed to access all features and telematics data transmitted from your equipment.


How can Product Link help me control costs?

  • Manage inefficient use, maintenance, health and more.
  • Efficiently identify and execute on maintenance needs.
  • Identify harsh operation or other maintenance needs that can degrade component life.
  • Extend component lives by proactively managing health and maintenance needs.

Manage working vs. idle time and fuel usage

Typical Example:
980H with average fuel use, idle time and fuel costs
Reduce fuel use by 2% = $720 fuel cost savings annually


How can Product Link™ help me improve operations and uptime?

Mobile equipment

  • Efficiently and effectively manage your equipment with remote monitoring of key information
  • Know where your assets are and how they are being used
  • Keep your equipment running well with the help of your Cat® dealer.
  • Identify over/under-utilization so assets can be best utilized to keep jobs on schedule
  • Take advantage of tools that allow support personnel to efficiently manage the fleet

For gen sets, you can monitor state, utilization data (start/stop information), tracking usage and more.

Identify small problems before they cause unscheduled downtime.


How can Product Link™ help me reduce emissions from equipment in my fleet and support services?

  • Helps you identify and reduce inefficient fuel use with idle time and fuel consumption monitoring.
  • Information supports you by driving the best equipment management decisions. When equipment operates in peak condition, it produces fewer emissions.
  • Remote transmission of telematics data saves you time and labor by eliminating the need for personnel to manually collect hours, location and condition information.
  • Extends product/component life by providing actionable information that allows you to proactively identify problems and keep your OS well-maintained.

Also improves logistics for support services

  • Knowing the exact location of equipment helps dispatch fuel, haul and service trucks more efficiently and effectively.
  • Integration with online parts ordering enables pre-planning, consolidation of pickup/drop-off parts services and less wait time.

Can I customize hardware and service plans to meet my needs?

  • Hardware and service plan options allow you to select a solution that fits your operation's needs.
  • Hardware options support communication via both cellular networks and satellites, so whether your work is metropolitan, suburban or rural, you can stay connected.
  • Bundles of features that support basic asset management, security, condition and maintenance, as well as utilization and productivity can be selected to manage small or large fleets of equipment.
  • Data feeds can be established to automatically provide information, such as hours or location, to dealer or customer business systems. This saves time by eliminating the need to manually collect and transfer information from your fleet.
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